About us

About us

Connectedness. Teamwork. And so much kindness.

The family and local team spirit is especially important to us. Gertrude and Romana have been a well-rehearsed mother-daughter team for years, responsible for service, reception and the homemade delicacies. Markus takes care of the background work and the garden, together with our little “garden bosses” Linda and Elvira. Here you will experience a real family business – and so much hospitality.

Family Business

Tradition. Heart and soul. And so much hospitality lived.

Accommodating guests is our passion. Since 1999, when Gertrude and Erich Freißmuth built the villa. Over the years the villa was expanded, in 2015 we finally took over from the parents. With the reconstruction and renovation in spring 2021 we made another step towards the future. We focus on comfort, spirit of the age – and so much personal engagement.

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Sustainable and energy self-sufficient

Nature. Awareness. And so much sensuality.

Sustainability is a top priority at Villa Thermale. This begins with the conscious selection of food and runs through all areas such as furnishings or heating. It is noteworthy that the energy generation for the entire guest house comes from in-house resources. That sounds like a vacation with a clear conscience – and so much lightheartedness.

Sustainability á la Villa Thermale


Electricity from the 25 kWp photovoltaic system with 18 kW Lion batteries. Heat from our biomass heating system with wood chips from our forests. Free e-charging station for all guests.


The products come largely from local farmers, producers and traders. All juices come from glass bottles.
The eggs are supplied by our own happy chickens.

The bread is baked by our neighbor.
The pastries come from the baker in the neighboring village.

Because it makes sense

Refillable soaps in the rooms. All laundry is done in the house.

Food scraps go on our compost pile.

We use a rainwater catchment tank for watering.