Rooms & Apartments

Comfort. Freedom of movement. And so much charm.

The spacious rooms and apartments, as well as the beautiful suite, are very flexibly designed and offer especially much space for freedom of movement and family time. Equipped with high-quality solid wood furniture, they shine in modern elegance. Lovingly selected vintage items provide the special touch and an individual note in each room. Look forward to down-to-earthiness with a touch of fancy – and so much flair.

From € 38,- p.p.

Double room

30 m². max. 2 adults & 1 child.
From € 140,- p.N.

Apartment deluxe

60 m². Covered relaxing terrace.
From € 130,- p.N.

Apartment 80 m2

2 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Kitchen. 2 balconies.
From € 120,- p.N.

Apartment 60 m2

2 bedrooms. Bathroom. Kitchen. Balcony.
From € 41,- p.p.

Double room deluxe

30 m2. max. 2 adults & 2 children.