Wellness at Villa Thermale


Relaxation. Well-being. And so much peace of mind.

Our region is known for its diversity of opportunities. So, you are also spoiled for choice when it comes to the wellness program on your vacation. The nearby thermal resort Loipersdorf offers numerous spa, sauna and pampering programs as well as relaxing treatments. Above all, we can warmly recommend the Schaffelbad as an exclusive oasis of wellness and tranquility. Time out. Regeneration. And so much harmony.

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Pampering program in the Villa

Massages. Therapies. And so much comfort.

Wellness should be as convenient as possible. That is why we offer our guests an incredibly special service at Villa Thermale: Our massage therapist Renate – commercial massage therapist and freelance healing massage therapist – comes directly to our house and pampers you with various massages and treatments. This creates flexibility and carefreeness for our guests – and so much ease.


Neck-back-shoulder massage

30/50 min, € 40,-/60,-

Special massage for the tense neck-shoulder girdle; for headaches, dizziness, numb or tingly hands and fingers, shoulder, and arm pain, as well as back and lower back pain.

Head and neck facial massage

30 min, € 40,-

Individual full body/ aroma oil massage

60 min, € 70,-

Through various massage techniques such as stroking, kneading, tapping, friction, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints are positively influenced. Blood circulation and thus supply and metabolism are stimulated, and muscle tension and deposits are loosened. The harmonized aromatic oils help to feel good and relaxed.

Foot reflexology massage

30 min, € 40,-

Standing with both feet on the ground: Via the FRMZ the whole body can be worked on reflectively. It causes a local and intensive blood circulation and thus an improvement of all organ and tissue functions.

Manual lymphatic drainage

30/60 min, € 40,-/70,-

Special gentle grip techniques improve the removal of congested tissue fluid and waste products via the lymphatic vessels.

Individual combination massage

60 min, € 70

In this treatment we combine two types of massage of your choice for you, e.g. brushing with tapping massage, back with foot reflexology massage. Individually selectable.

Tapping massage

30/60 min, € 40,-/70,-

Through rhythmic/energetic tapping to harmonized music, the whole body comes into a relaxed state. The tapping also goes into deeper layers and releases tension from the cells. Thoughts become calmer, the head becomes freer and an inner sense of well-being sets in.

Special Massages

Harmony massage with oil

60/90 min, € 90,-/120,-

Please provide your name and date of birth when registering!
In this method, each client is mixed his own individual massage oil specifically related to his aura, which penetrates deep into the cells through an energizing process and dissolves stored fears and other negative information. At the same time, the body is energetically balanced through an individually tuned zero-pint disc. This dissolving process results in an inner sense of well-being, relaxation of the musculature and even freedom from pain.

Bachblüten massage with oil

60/90 min, € 80/110,-

We use harmonized Bachblüten. (www.neuerhomosapiens.at) These act in higher potency. Thus, they also support the solution process on a spiritual level, where the causes of tension, blockages and pain are located in the body.

Back therapy with Detensor-therapy system

€ 12,-

Detensor method is a system for relieving and stretching the back. The gentle progressive long-term traction therapy leads to relief of the spine and better regeneration of the intervertebral discs. The therapy mat is also good for supporting foot reflexology massage and lymphatic drainage.